Oil-Based Ballpoint Pens

Easy to see pen tip, writes beautifully

Introducing the "Monograph Lite", a ballpoint pen from the Monograph series that pursues ease of writing.
The synergistic effect of the high-precision needle tip and ultra-low viscosity oil-based ink realizes a surprisingly smooth writing feel.

Product Features

  • High precision needle tip

    5.2mm needle tip ensures a wide field of view, easy to write even fine letters.In addition while thin, the machined needle shape provides high strength.

  • Super-lubricity

    Synergistic effect of an ultra-low viscosity ink and high-precision needle tip culminates in the ultimate smooth writing experience.

  • High density texturized grip

    Unique grip surface texture reduces finger slippage allowing a firm grip even with light force.Suppresses stickiness peculiar to rubber grips to realize a dry and comfortable grip.

  • MONO brand design

    A simple and smart design that achieves the high quality and high precision of the Mono graph series.Body is available in 5 colors including Mono tri-color (red & blue ink is Mono tri-color only).

  • Ball diameter: 0.38mm 0.5mm

    Two types of ultra-fine 0.38 mm diameter balls (line width approx. 0.21 mm) and extra-fine 0.5 mm balls (line width approx. 0.26 mm) are available.

  • Ink colors: black, blue & red

    Lineup of black, blue, and red inks (blue and red ink available only with Mono tri-color body)

    How to replace the refill

  • 1. Detach the front barrel and spring and remove the used refill.
    2. Insert the new refill into the body.
    3. Insert the spring onto the tip of the new refill.
    4. Reattach the front barrel.

  • ●Replacement refill

    [0.38mm ball]
    ・Ink color (black) BR-KNU33
    ・Ink color (blue) BR-KNU15
    ・Ink color (red) BR-KNU25
    [0.5mm ball]
    ・Ink color (black) BR-KNE33
    ・Ink color (blue) BR-KNE15
    ・Ink color (red) BR-KNE25

    110JPY (100JPY excluding tax)
    *Use only genuine Tombow Pencil replacement refills.

【PV】MONO graph Lite BC



  • Ball diameter: 0.38mm(ultra-fine)
  • Ball diameter: 0.5mm(extra-fine)
  • Ink color : Black
  • Ink color : Blue
  • Ink color : Red
  • BC-MGLU01
    MONO tri-color

  • BC-MGLU04

  • BC-MGLU43
    Light blue

  • BC-MGLU51

  • BC-MGLU81

198JPY (180JPY excluding tax)

  • BC-MGLU01R15
    MONO tri-color

198JPY (180JPY excluding tax)

  • BC-MGLU01R25
    MONO tri-color

198JPY (180JPY excluding tax)

  • Ink color : Black
  • Ink color : Blue
  • Ink color : Red
  • BC-MGLE01
    MONO tri-color

  • BC-MGLE04

  • BC-MGLE43
    Light blue

  • BC-MGLE51

  • BC-MGLE81

198JPY (180JPY excluding tax)

  • BC-MGLE01R15
    MONO tri-color

198JPY (180JPY excluding tax)

  • BC-MGLE01R25
    MONO tri-color

198JPY (180JPY excluding tax)

Precaution for Use

・ Avoid writing with the pen tip facing upward from the horizontal. It may cause ink leakage.
・ Do not leave in direct sunlight or in places with high temperatures.
・ Be sure to retract the pen tip when not in use or carrying to avoid staining clothing.
・ Forcibly opening may damage the clip.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ Do not use for anything other than writing on paper.


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